Evaluation of wood properties from six native species of forest plantations in Costa Rica Artículo académico Individual uri icon


  • This study details information about physical, chemical and mechanical properties, drying, preservation and workability of wood from Cordia alliodora, Dipteryx panamensis, Enterolobium cyclocarpum, Hieronyma alchorneoides, Samanea saman and Vochysia ferruginea trees, growing in forest plantations in Costa Rica. Variation of the general properties in relation to height showed that heartwood percentage decreases, bark percentage increases and pith percentage is not affected. Dipteryx panamensis showed both the highest values for specific gravity and the highest mechanic resistance. Both chemical properties and extractives presence were different among species. Heartwood was not possible to preserve in any of the species, though sapwood was. Penetration varied from partial irregular or vascular in the species. The highest durability was for Hieronyma alchorneoides and Vochysia ferruginea, species classified as of high durability. Finally, all species had good performance in the workability tests. The previous results indicate that these species, used for trading reforestation in Costa Rica, have acceptable characteristics to be commercialized and used in wooden products.

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  • 1998

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